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Shanghai zhangjiang revitalize the rural resources launched village apartments to relieve talents housing

Date: 2019-09-30

As an important bearing the national innovation strategy, talent is the first resource of the construction of the Shanghai zhangjiang science city.However, as more and more talented people into the zhangjiang, housing has become a problem.According to statistics, at present the zhangjiang science city within the scope of all kinds of rental type housing supply about 38900 sets, expects to add 100000 people over the next five years (average annual growth of 20000) in recent 10 years, rental housing faces 50000 sets of gap compared with the demand.Research shows that in the intensified competition in the talent, able to provide a high quality living and living environment, has clearly become a gathering of talent, retain talent advantage.

How to make the people come to zhangjiang after a more livable and comfortable housing environment, make enterprise after the introduction of talent can retain talent?To this, corp.and will work the topic research as the key.And found in the research, the enterprise talent showed a trend of diversification of demand for living, especially innovative entrepreneurial talent need more beautiful quiet living environment.To solve the contradiction between supply and demand of housing, in addition to the new incremental, stock of the salt is also important way.Corp.and do a series of in-depth research, found that part of the villagers are willing to rent unused land houses, and by visiting science key enterprises in the city, some enterprises are also talked about in the research, the rural environment quiet and comfortable, can meet the demand of talented person live.On the one hand has the resources to supply space, on the one hand, and exists really needs.Corp.and will return, and take the lead in the pilot launched the first apartment building rural talents, through talents apartment mining stock of resources in rural areas construction, rental housing building can meet the demand of different kechuang personnel.Minimally invasive medical instrument (group) in the first half of this year, Shanghai became the first "people eat crabs", and more and more enterprises, young white-collar workers and rural villagers' attention.And with the continuous advance of a pilot, corp.and continuously intensify research and exploration, also hope that through establishing and perfecting the talents apartment service management of long-term mechanism, alleviate science talent's housing.