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Shanghai issued a one-time subsidies for low income families sunstroke 200 yuan per household

Date: 2013-08-10

Today (August 9) reporter was informed that the Shanghai municipal government executive meeting decided to launch the temporary aid mechanism, Shanghai Urban Poor Families, key entitled groups and other groups paid off sunstroke subsidies.

Since July this year, the Shanghai sustained high temperatures, the duration, high temperatures are breaking the Shanghai Meteorological records. 7 August reached 40.8 ℃. According to forecasts, starting from August 10, Shanghai will begin daily temperatures slightly, but 35 ℃ ~ 37 ℃ hot weather will remain for some time. Therefore, the Shanghai municipal government executive meeting decided to start temporary aid mechanism for urban and rural households, key entitled groups and other groups paid off sunstroke subsidies.

Learned that the one-time payment of subsidies sunstroke target range is July 2013 to August enjoy Home security benefits during the urban and rural low household (including unemployed severely disabled and other special relief object), the beneficiaries and the state's pacifying grants entitled groups. Issued standards: urban and rural households by household allowance, household disposable given 200 yuan; severely disabled, unemployed and other special relief objects, the beneficiaries of the pension benefits and enjoy the national press who grant entitled groups, each one given 200 yuan.

In accordance with the Shanghai municipal government's unified plan, has now issued a "on the city's urban and rural families and the implementation of one part of the Home object sunstroke subsidies notice", requiring the county streets, towns Organization of social assistance payment . The notice also requires that all counties should attach great importance to seriously implement the subsidy paid summer cooling measures, are really hard to help efforts to further strengthen the family.

For extreme hot weather, Shanghai districts and counties to strengthen the difficult objects, such as elderly people and visit, facilities and other institutions for social welfare safety hazards investigation, further helping all kinds of difficult objects and older age groups safe summer. (Reporter Zhou Kai