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Mid-range hotel investment outlook

Date: 2014-12-27

Live a few days ago, China, home inns hotel group have been reporting to the third quarter unaudited financial results.Among them, the middle-grade hotel contribute significantly to performance.Earnings figures released by the hotel group in China, according to China to live in the third quarter of 2014 of 92.5% occupancy rate, the middle-grade hotel same-store RevPAR won 9% of the growth.Full seasons at present has opened more than 100 domestic stores, to cover major cities, 37 season brand has become the current domestic one of the fastest growing mid-range hotel brand.Of home inns hotel group, on the other hand, the joining trader focused strategy, also keep its profit continued to grow.

In fact, as the rise of a mid-range hotel market, franchisees for mid-range hotel market prospect also said, reporter has contacted and h and full seasons of franchisees, know to join its investments.

To invest more than twenty million, 5 years back

Shanghai xujiahui eighty thousand people join the stadium store business, zhang yi to investment mid-range hotel's prospects look good.Began in 2012 with the home inns hotel group and the h hotel project agreement, to light transformation, property investment about 30 million yuan.The hotel in April 2013, into the management of the second year, zhang yi, said the average hotel occupancy rate remained at 85% or so, guest room RevPAR can lend (refers to every guest room is the average real revenue) about 300 yuan, sales of up to 20 million yuan a year, according to the current operating conditions, is expected to cost can be recycled for five years.

In fact, in recent years, with the domestic hotel chain big push into mid-range hotel market, many owners also saw the investment opportunities.China hotel group's brand all season, also attract the attention of investors.A full seasons hotel investment in twenty million, the current operating situation, return cycle has basic draw with latitude of economy hotel, four or five years to recover the cost., according to a full seasons hotel owners choose investment season one important reason is because of the cost of the rent, the rental cost and the same place ten years ago when making budget hotel has doubled and even higher, so the investment of the hotel, you must have corresponding to increase revenue, this to old economy hotel brand of the products is more difficult to do.

But why not invest to provide full service of high-end brand?The owner said, mainly considering the high cost of daily operations, the use and energy costs are much higher than mid-range hotel., on the other hand, the customer's spending habits have changed greatly, consumers imagine ten years ago on a business trip or travel, consideration to the budget, the clean health, generally choose some branded budget hotel chains, which is why there are so many investors want to investment budget hotel chains.Now the market situation is different, a lot of people willing to travel a bit better to oneself, in addition to clean, cost-effective, there is the further demand for accommodation, including aesthetic needs, budget hotel brand and part of the low quality of traditional has been difficult to meet this part of the customer.

The first choice of brand, and site selection

For zhang yi, choose the right hotel management team and mid-range hotel brand is very important.She chose and h, on the one hand, out of trust for home inns group management team."Management team for projects and h, attaches great importance to do hands-on, this gives us a lot of confidence."She said that in the process of cooperation, both sides will communicate details, hotel management ideas and fully respect the owner satisfaction, this is helpful to promote cooperation, and to operate.

She stressed that although the middle-grade hotel market space is very big, but the product is uneven, get the positioning precision of brand to join, just can have a better development space., she said, and h average guest room area of 30 square metre, the bedding of the five-star hotel standard, these for mid-range hotel is equipped with basic, join her as a business, willing to cost into place.

And some of the more important to mid-range hotel owners brand hotel chain member system, for example, China than the high viscosity of members, gold and platinum members can contribute to constructions between nearly 100 book every day, than the traditional sales mode of the independent hotels with high efficiency, effect of membership system, also attaches great importance to by franchisees.