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The hotel at Shanghai shimao concept of the world's first type Site songjiang wanda plaza

Date: 2014-10-22

According to the relevant person in charge of shimao group, the world's first MiniMax theory to choose hotel - Shanghai songjiang shimao farce hotel will make its debut in December this year.Hotel is located in songjiang wanda square, adjacent to the high-grade office buildings and large commercial plaza, near songjiang college town.Hotel geographical position is superior, the way to happy valley, Chen shan botanical garden and other famous tourist attractions is very convenient, away from the line 9 subway station zhichizhiyao.
In addition, dalian jinzhou MiniMax Premier farce choose shangpin hotel and flagship store in Shanghai hongqiao MiniMax Premier farce choose shangpin hotel also will be the grand opening of next year.At present, shimao group also in Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo, nanjing, suzhou, shenyang, dalian, tianjin, Qingdao, fuzhou, xiamen, hainan and other main city planning and preparation more hotels.
"Dare to think you will come!"Hotel unconventional personality
As the world's first hotel, Shanghai songjiang shimao farce choose overturn the traditional stereotype of the hotel, with concise, intelligent, social, environmental protection concept of innovation to build highly personalized trend of the hotel.
Personalized design is a big breakthrough of MiniMax farce to choose the hotel, through the change of the design reinvent themselves, regardless of any customize bed is tasted, music and sweet atmosphere, can be carried out or TV shows, inside the room facilities such as the independent collocation.
MiniMax theory selected hotel bold question: who said that coffee with instant noodles?Who says the sheets can only use white?Who says TV channels can only say to calculate by hotel?Who says reservation can't choose room number?Who said the mini bar must be in the room?"If you have had these question? In the MiniMax choice hotels, these stereotypical views were subversion, the hotel has big champagne gold, armani ash, floor heating and so on a variety of color bedding, are free to choose, you can even customize room number. Nate set based on the change of four seasons hotel AIR AROMA fragrance, pure plant water-soluble molecules, the personality of the four seasons at any time.
MiniMax theory to choose hotel for intelligent, social, and hold fast to youngsters electric business platform dependent, with interactive platform supporting the whole reservation, check-in, social networking, shopping, and other links, reservation, social or control room, all smart rooms APP one-click fix!
MiniMax farce picked the hotel build intimate and fun social platform, only passengers in the hotel through social interaction platform, provides the farce of selected hotel check-in limitless possibilities.Private and no limit of broad social circle, let check-in farce of passengers to chat about old friends, make new friends!In the new journey, with the trend of mobile terminal social interaction way, make new friends.
MiniMax theory selected hotel that Jane design concept of the United States, and subvert the traditional high star hotel investment huge, low rate of return of heavy and complicated facilities, made the most conforms to the young people the most simple element positioning the perfection of fashionable hotel.
In addition, the MiniMax theory selected hotel unique global green environmental protection idea, open the subversive "air the national forest park", "solar hot water system", "sound and light environment system", "deep sleep system", "weak alkaline direct drinking water system", "whole intelligent room" and so on ten big initiative.At present, the MiniMax farce choose hotel has finish first China green building two star and the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver grade two green Environmental protection certification, become the first domestic hotel brand also won the two certification.
Innovation model leading the industry trend Shimao layout blue ocean in the future
MiniMax theory selected overturn all the inherent traditional hotel concept, will be the highest quality and most creative fusion, will be interactive, bold, explore the spirit of happiness into the psychedelic, unprecedented intelligence, to imprison soul free, make have a rest for the trip to lead a unique experience.
Is particularly worth mentioning is that MiniMax theory selected hotel experience of O2O model in electric business platform, almost all of the products within the hotel use all moved to line up selling, like hotel during your stay, a simple step can be realized online purchase.MiniMax theory to choose the hotel from the show at the beginning of the birth of a powerful Internet genes.
MiniMax theory selected hotel focuses on new trend and dare to break through the traditional boundaries of a new generation of locking customers in young group, the MiniMax theory selected type end of concepts in the hotel, the hotel located in novelty, the pursuit of fashionable new human.Upgrade MiniMax Premier farce choose quality goods, high-end conceptual hotel located in a quality and the grade of the yearning for freedom.
"One of the company's core values is to innovation, our focus is on innovation in the field of hotel. MiniMax choose hotel for customers to do precise positioning, and the energy to focus on building can meet the demand of customers, at the same time to create the demand of customers a variety of experiential service, the MiniMax theory selected hotel, under the nurture of believe that new hotel consumption habits and patterns are formed."Shimao group vice President, shimao hotels and resorts, general manager of Mr Smad said.
By understanding you can discover, shimao "lifestyle leader" strategy is put forward, is not a slogan.Shimao in passing to the world, in fact, the concept of the strategy at the same time, has launched a series of innovative action.Raise for diversified products innovation shimao, because standing in the future, so to see further, and relying on Internet thinking, from business, hotel, residential, and even in the field of consumption, shimao almost a whole industry hit a new unprecedented subversion type layout blue ocean market in the future.